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Who do we work with?

We have built a system of cooperation that, through our ongoing and real support, equips distributors with the competencies and tools they need to sell.

That want to increase sales by offering solid products.

Who oversee construction projects.

that are looking for materials and more efficient options that traditional materials – wood, brick – do not offer.

Who are looking for support, service and an efficient system for handling complaints.

who want to entice potential tenants by offering them modern, energy-efficient interiors.

How do we work together?


A proven model of cooperation

We solve most of the problems you face – from customer acquisition, sales and after-sales service.


Full support

You get full material, technical and service support of a scope not seen anywhere else.


Lower prices

With regular cooperation you get much lower prices.

Become a PROFAL & Reynaers distributor

Here is a cooperation proposal for distributors who want to earn more by selling aluminum window and door systems that are ahead of the competition in terms of quality, level of service and length of warranty.

Pricing software

Reyna PRO provides easy and fast quotes for your customers

In the construction industry, it’s standard for a customer to wait even longer than a week for a response to their request for proposal. That’s why we built the ReynaPRO software, which makes it easy to send customers quotes with an accurate quote even within 48 hours of inquiry.


You choose the type of cooperation

We take care of our distributors, giving them real support at every stage of cooperation. Choose the type of cooperation and the scope of our support according to your needs and expectations.

Option 1

We create an offer for your customer in 48h

Option 2

You create offers independently thanks to ReynaPro Installer

About the company

PROFAL is the official representative of REYNAERS in Poland

We are the official manufacturer of the Reynaers brand – a pioneer of aluminum door and window systems.

in architecture

to all of Europe


online orders

Proven business partner

Developers, investors, architects and individual clients have plenty of challenges. For some time now, it has no longer been the choice of material for windows and doors in their buildings. More than once, by the number of completed projects, we have proven the advantages of aluminum over other materials. Thanks to our advice and cooperation, more than a thousand projects have already proceeded smoothly, according to the needs of the client and in the most comfortable conditions possible for him.

15 years

On the market


completed projects


countries of Europe





For the sake of our planet

Truly eco-friendly windows

Many window companies misuse the word “green.” They hope to attract environmentally-conscious customers in this way. At Profal, we believe that you have the right to know what the products you buy are made of. And how the company cares about the environment. Therefore, with us, the word “ecological” is really reflected in our actions.

What are we doing to make our windows eco?

Our production is geared to the absolute minimum consumption of energy and materials. In this way, we reduce emissions and energy loss, reducing the climate impact at each stage of production. And we manufacture our windows from aluminum, which is 100% recyclable.


We ship our windows all over Europe

Reynaers aluminum system windows meet high global standards and norms – ecology, energy efficiency and safety. So it’s natural that customers who are looking for windows that last for years buy them from us. We must be doing really well, I guess, since people all over Europe are buying them.