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REYNAERS stands for freedom of design.

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See homes and commercial buildings where we have used our window and door systems. This is how we have combined ecology and modern technology in our buildings, achieving warm, energy-efficient interiors for years to come.

Aluminum unlocks design potential. That is, with its unique characteristics, it provides the opportunity to match doors and windows to the appearance of the building, as well as its interior. Click on the link below and get inspired by projects with Reynaers systems.

Residential Buildings

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New generation systems windows

SlimLine 38 is an inward and outward opening window system. It combines appearance and high utility – high thermal insulation efficiency. This system successfully works in the renovation of steel-framed windows, for the reason that it does not affect the appearance of the facade, while increasing the level of thermal insulation. It perfectly welds and welds together the minimalist material of which it is made and the diverse design.

Window and Door Systems for the Home

Reynaers window and door systems are Intelligent aluminum products with the longest warranty on the market. They are made of 100% recyclable aluminum, so you have truly eco-friendly windows in your home. You can manage them from your phone. In summer, they protect against heat and excessive heating. In winter, they protect you from heat loss, so you get a house that is cheap to heat.

For the sake of our planet

Truly eco-friendly windows

Many window companies misuse the word “green.” They hope to attract environmentally-conscious customers in this way. At Profal, we believe that you have the right to know what the products you buy are made of. And how the company cares about the environment. Therefore, with us, the word “ecological” is really reflected in our actions.

What are we doing to make our windows eco?

Our production is geared to the absolute minimum consumption of energy and materials. In this way, we reduce emissions and energy loss, reducing the climate impact at each stage of production. And we manufacture our windows from aluminum, which is 100% recyclable.

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