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Why Aluminum?

We manufacture windows and doors from 100% recyclable aluminum, so you are buying an environmentally friendly product. Aluminum gives you unlimited design possibilities, so you can configure it any way you want. Aluminum profiles are a choice for years to come, with no need for replacement or repair, as they are not harmed by sunlight and moisture.

For whom?

For those who want interiors that are cheap to heat, we manufacture and sell window and door systems for homes and businesses. For distributors, architects and construction companies, we have created a well-thought-out model of cooperation.

Windows from Poland

We are the manufacturer, so when you buy directly from us, the middleman’s margin stays with you. You won’t overpay, which makes it easier to manage your budget. We have a factory in Poland. Thanks to its proximity, deliveries are always on time, as we have most of the raw materials needed for production locally, obtaining them from local companies.

Official Manufacturer Reynaers systems

PROFAL Kielce is the official manufacturer of Reynaers aluminum window and door systems known worldwide. Reynaers combines ecology and modern technology to create modern, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly windows and doors.

For the sake of our planet

Truly organic products

Our production is focused on minimal consumption of materials and energy. This approach effectively reduces emissions and energy loss. In this way, we reduce the adverse impact on the climate by taking responsibility for the environment. Our products are made from aluminum, which is 100% recyclable.