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Why Aluminum?

Aluminum is a material for many years of use, without the need for renovation. We’re confident in these words, which is why we offer a warranty up to three times longer than our competitors. The ease of installation, maintenance and unlimited design possibilities offered by aluminum make it an investment that pays off quickly and brings real savings. The thermal insulating properties of aluminum make the house cheaper to heat and warm in all weather conditions.

For whom?

These window and door systems are chosen by private home and apartment owners, investors and construction companies. This solution encourages investment, as eco-friendly aluminum windows create energy-efficient, cheap to heat and warm interiors in all weather conditions.

Windows from Poland

Why is buying windows from Poland a good choice? We manufacture in Poland, so you buy your windows directly from the manufacturer, so the middlemen’s margin stays with you. You don’t overpay, which makes it easier to manage the budget you have. Proximity to the factory, a large number of distributors and access to the raw materials needed for production from local companies mean that deliveries are always on time and as previously agreed.

Official Manufacturer Reynaers systems

We are the official manufacturer of Reynaers brand aluminum windows and doors. Reynaers products. Reynaers products meet today’s European norms and standards – ecology, safety and energy efficiency.

For the sake of our planet

Truly organic products

Our production is focused on minimal consumption of materials and energy. This approach effectively reduces emissions and energy loss. In this way, we reduce the adverse impact on the climate by taking responsibility for the environment. Our products are made from aluminum, which is 100% recyclable.