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User-friendly and with a high level of security, our smart home solutions are the ideal choice for all your future projects. Connected home automation such as keypads, remote controls and fingerprint scanners connect to your smartphone to make your life easier at the touch of a button. Improve your home today with our access control, comfort motorization and natural ventilation solutions.

Choose from an integrated and reliable range of off-the-shelf hardware and software solutions that are perfectly compatible and thoroughly tested with Reynaers Aluminum systems.

Our smart solutions focus on three specific areas:

  • Creating a healthy living environment through the use of daylight and natural ventilation.
  • Protecting the building envelope with access control functions.
  • Offering convenient and perfectly integrated products that enrich the user experience.

Reynaers Aluminum windows and doors are compatible with the industry’s leading intelligent building systems. As a result, every time you step inside, you enjoy a new level of comfort, security and peace of mind. These smart solutions do the work for you with just the push of a button.

Access control

Connect your home, right from the front door

Managing access to your home has never been easier. As part of our Smart Buildings range, we have selected a number of intelligent systems that secure your home at the touch of a button. Find the perfect access control solution today, whether it’s a remote control, keypad or an app connected to your home automation system.

You don’t have to worry about keys or handles, because Reynaers’ smart access solutions are easy to use for the whole family. What’s more, these technologies are seamlessly integrated into our profiles, providing elegant designs that protect the look and feel of your home. Decide who enters your building and when, check that doors and windows are properly locked and lock them remotely.

The future of building security is here.

Motorized systems

Convenient and hassle-free entry whenever you need it.

Your life at home should be as easy and comfortable as possible. At Reynaers Aluminum, we know that when it comes to comfort in design, every detail, even the smallest, matters. That’s why we’ve developed some smart solutions that let you open sliding doors at the touch of a button.

Experience quick and easy access to your garden, terrace or other adjacent area whenever you need it. Do you have your hands full? Just touch the button with your hip or elbow, and even the heaviest wings open smoothly. This allows you to focus on what really matters: enjoying life to the fullest.

Natural ventilation

Healthy environment at an affordable price

When considering the possibilities of natural ventilation and free cooling, we want to offer solutions for natural ventilation of buildings in the most economical way possible. Simply opening a window to let in fresh air can help create a healthy indoor climate and prevent overheating through passive air conditioning.

However, Reynaers Aluminum goes a step further. Based on the findings of our experts, we believe that motorized windows, combined with traditional HVAC (heating, ventilation and cooling) systems, can significantly improve indoor air quality.

To improve working and living conditions, we focus on solutions that operate as independent units or can be connected to a smart home network. Reynaers Aluminum motorized windows for natural ventilation are the same as our other Intelligent Solutions: hidden, connected and safe to use.

Mix and match features

Smart Buildings allow you to create your connected ecosystems.

We offer components compatible with the leading home automation applications and protocols available on the market. Combine multiple motors for synchronized opening, combine motion with sensors and smartphone apps – the possibilities are endless.

For the sake of our planet

Truly organic products

Our production is focused on minimal consumption of materials and energy. This approach effectively reduces emissions and energy loss. In this way, we reduce the adverse impact on the climate by taking responsibility for the environment. Our products are made from aluminum, which is 100% recyclable.