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Official manufacturer of Reynaers systems

Our factory

It used to be that you had to buy solid windows from abroad. Today, under the roof of our factory in Poland, we create modern, intelligent aluminum windows according to Reynaers brand technology. This way you can quickly have windows that meet all your requirements, including not to overpay and have them for years of use. It is the complete production line and continuous quality control at each stage of production that help us reduce costs while still delivering an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and intelligent product.

Who do we work with?

These window and door systems are chosen by investors, construction companies, architects and individual customers. Choose eco-friendly aluminum windows that create energy-efficient, cheap to heat and warm interiors in all weather conditions.

That want to increase sales by offering solid products.

Who oversee construction projects.

that are looking for materials and more efficient options that traditional materials – wood, brick – do not offer.

Who are looking for support, service and an efficient system for handling complaints.

who want to entice potential tenants by offering them modern, energy-efficient interiors.

How do we work together?


A proven model of cooperation

We solve most of the problems you face – from customer acquisition, sales and after-sales service.


Full support

You get full material, technical and service support of a scope not seen anywhere else.


Lower prices

With regular cooperation you get much lower prices.

Become a PROFAL & Reynaers distributor

Here is a cooperation proposal for distributors who want to earn more by selling aluminum window and door systems that are ahead of the competition in terms of quality, level of service and length of warranty.

Top quality

Why windows from Poland?

We are a manufacturing company, so when you buy directly from us, the middlemen’s margin additionally stays with you. You don’t overpay, which helps you manage your budget. We have a factory in Poland and obtain most of our raw materials from local companies. As a result, deliveries are always on time and products get to you quickly and on time. State-of-the-art technological facilities, machine parks and access to specialists guarantee you a product that complies with sustainable standards and smart home technologies.


When you place an order, you know exactly when we will deliver your product, and meeting this deadline is a priority for us, which is rare in the construction industry.

Quick implementation

During the project there are quite a few questions about technical solutions, or any other. Our client gets timely answers to questions that arise.

Offer in 48h

We send you a personalized quote tailored to your needs within 48h of your initial contact.


If you need to arrange something outside formal business hours (e.g., after 5 pm) because the situation requires it, we are available and respond to messages.

Competitive price

Labor costs in Poland are lower than "Western" labor costs, thus gaining the means to further develop, maintain high quality and offer you lower prices.


Windows that are quiet, airtight, environmentally friendly, and protect against heat and heat gain, because they are manufactured by hand using Reynaers brand technology.

16 years on the market

We have been since the beginning of the aluminum window market in Poland. We can count the number of projects successfully completed in the hundreds.

Smart solutions

Window and door systems managed from your phone.

We care about development

Guarantees and certificates

Since you’re looking for windows that will last for years, you should be interested to know that we are a certified partner and official manufacturer in Poland of the Reynaers brand. And this means that the aluminum windows of Reynaers systems meet high global standards and norms.


We deliver our windows to all of Europe

Reynaers aluminum system windows meet high global standards and norms – ecology, energy efficiency and safety. So it’s natural that customers who are looking for windows that last for years buy them from us. We must be doing really well, I guess, since people all over Europe are buying them.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We dispel doubts

Our windows and doors help create energy-efficient, eco-friendly, quiet and warm interiors in all weather conditions. Minimize electricity, water and heating costs. In winter, they guarantee warmth. In summer, they protect against the heat.

There’s no denying it, we care about the planet. These are not empty words. We support the idea of sustainability every day in our day-to-day tasks – from production to putting the finished product in the hands of the customer. The result? Absolutely minimal consumption of energy and raw materials. We have created a sustainability strategy where we transparently document how we take care of the environment.

Do we really give our products as much as three times the warranty of our competitors? Yes, and to you as attractive terms of cooperation, constant and close support at every stage. Click the link below and find out how to become a distributor.

On the contrary, cooperation with us is very safe. We have been on the European market for 16 years. Therefore, working with us, you do not waste time describing to us your required solutions. Companies that are starting to export have no idea about it, or are just learning it. We are a Polish company that produces windows dedicated to a particular market, not one that produces Polish windows and sells them in Europe.

Customers from abroad greatly appreciate working with us. Over the years, we have shipped and sold our products to Belgium, the Netherlands, France, England, Ireland, Denmark, Norway and the USA and Canada, among others.

It is because of the quality that is hard to find anywhere else that customers are so eager to have us manufacture windows for their homes and developments.

If a problem arises on the site, we can solve it ‘live’ – just connect via video call, or record a video message illustrating the problem.

The difference in price is primarily due to lower production costs. Production costs in Poland are lower than in Western countries primarily due to differences in wages, energy, fuel costs. In Western countries, labor and business costs are higher, which translates into a higher product price. The difference in price may also be due to the process of distributing products between the manufacturer and the final customer, where there may be various intermediaries. Each of these intermediaries adds its margins to the price of the product, which can affect price differences between different markets.

We help you choose the right window system for your specific investment – we connect online and point out the best solutions.

If your expectations include products that are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, intelligent and with a warranty up to three times longer than the competition, the aluminum windows we manufacture will meet all your expectations.

Changing suppliers can have a very positive impact on the sales process. First of all, it allows negotiating better business conditions – such as lower prices, more favorable payment terms, more flexible terms of cooperation.

For the sake of our planet

Truly eco-friendly windows

Many window companies misuse the word “green.” They hope to attract environmentally-conscious customers in this way. At Profal, we believe that you have the right to know what the products you buy are made of. And how the company cares about the environment. Therefore, with us, the word “ecological” is really reflected in our actions.

What are we doing to make our windows eco?

Our production is geared to the absolute minimum consumption of energy and materials. In this way, we reduce emissions and energy loss, reducing the climate impact at each stage of production. And we manufacture our windows from aluminum, which is 100% recyclable.

People and society

We care not only about nature. We believe it is our responsibility to support our employees, customers and local communities. This approach attracts people who take pride in their work. And their work has given us fantastic results for many years.