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Why Aluminum?

Aluminum profiles are great for soundproofing interiors. Thanks to their ideal insulation parameters, they minimize the cost of electricity, heating, water, which reduces bills and gives comfort, because in winter it provides warmth, and in summer it protects from the heat. Our windows and doors, are created from aluminum, which is 100% recyclable. And we use minimal energy and raw materials to create them, which means you’re buying an environmentally friendly product.

For whom?

Our windows and doors are bought by customers all over the world – both individuals who want interiors that are cheap to heat and developers who invest in energy-efficient commercial buildings. For distributors, we have created a well-thought-out cooperation model that guarantees them material, expert and technical support at every stage.

Windows from Poland

We manufacture our windows in Poland. Why is this important to you? Because proximity to manufacturing gives you easier access to our products, ongoing support and faster contact. Labor costs are still lower than in the west, which allows us to keep costs lower and invest the money we save in modern technological facilities and offer you lower prices.

Official Manufacturer Reynaers systems

We are the official manufacturer of Reynaers aluminum windows and doors. They are bought by customers around the world because they help build energy-efficient and environmentally friendly interiors warm in all weather conditions.

For the sake of our planet

Truly organic products

Our production is focused on minimal consumption of materials and energy. This approach effectively reduces emissions and energy loss. In this way, we reduce the adverse impact on the climate by taking responsibility for the environment. Our products are made from aluminum, which is 100% recyclable.