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Why Aluminum?

Aluminum windows and doors are a product for years to come, without the need for replacement or repainting. We are so confident in these words, that’s why we offer a guarantee up to three times longer than our competitors. Aluminum is a 100 percent recyclable material. The ease of maintenance of aluminum windows and doors makes and energy efficiency makes it an investment that pays off quickly and year after year, results in real savings, as interiors become cheaper to heat.

For whom?

We manufacture aluminum window and door systems for homes and commercial buildings. We invite architects, construction companies, developers who want to attract more potential tenants by choosing eco-friendly aluminum windows for their investment.

Windows from Poland

In the past, you could only buy really good windows abroad. Today, thanks to the fact that we manufacture them in Poland, you have easier than ever access to modern, smart and energy-efficient windows for years to come without having to overpay. All thanks to the fact that you buy them directly from the manufacturer, so the middlemen’s margin stays with you.

Official Manufacturer Reynaers systems

We are the official manufacturer of Reynaers brand aluminum window and door systems. It is an internationally recognized company that combines ecology and modern technologies to help create energy-efficient buildings in line with the idea of sustainable development.

For the sake of our planet

Truly organic products

Our production is focused on minimal consumption of materials and energy. This approach effectively reduces emissions and energy loss. In this way, we reduce the adverse impact on the climate by taking responsibility for the environment. Our products are made from aluminum, which is 100% recyclable.