Our strategy sustainable development

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Eco-friendly solutions

We support the sustainable development strategy

We protect and support nature. For the sake of the planet, we probably create only such environmentally friendly windows on the market. Ecology and energy efficiency are increasingly determining customer choices. That’s why we manufacture our window and door systems to reduce energy consumption to an absolute minimum, while meeting the ecological standards of the European Union and modern construction.


Sustainable buildings

We help create energy-efficient, environmentally friendly buildings. Warm, energy-efficient buildings that minimize electricity, water and heating consumption.


Circular products

Irresponsible consumption of raw materials destroys the environment. Therefore, we manage raw materials sparingly, reducing emissions and energy loss at every stage of production. And we manufacture our windows from aluminum, which is 100% recyclable.

Sustainable actions in harmony with the planet

We are responsible for our planet. That’s why we’re reducing our climate impact at every stage of our work – from production to delivery of the finished product. In this way, we reduce energy loss, emissions and waste.

Friendly work environment

We care not only about nature. We believe it is our responsibility to support our employees, customers and local communities. This approach attracts people who take pride in their work. And their work has given us fantastic results for many years.


What exactly do we do that makes us so ECO?

We believe that you have the right to know absolutely everything about how we take care of the environment and how we take responsibility for our planet. That’s why we created the official Reynaers Group Sustainability Strategy Report.