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Breathe fresh air

The Ventalis system is a ventilation profile installed in windows or doors in rooms with the lowest humidity. These profiles can be built in various configurations, depending on the aesthetic preferences or the required airflow in accordance with the country’s regulations. The patented self-regulating units are equipped with a membrane that increases or decreases the size of the opening through which air flows depending on the increase or decrease in pressure outside the building, so that the amount of air entering the building is constant.

Ventalis system - the way to fresh air in rooms with low humidity

There is no denying that proper indoor air quality not only affects how the people living there function, but also the building itself. A poorly ventilated apartment is often an apartment with moisture, in which it is simply impossible to function healthily in the long run. In addition, the correct way to ventilate has a huge impact on the safety of the house. The topic of ventilation should be important not only for those widely associated with the construction industry (architects, engineers, builders, or home heating specialists), but also for homeowners

Gravity ventilation

In order to function properly in the rooms where we stay on a daily basis, we need to ensure a supply of fresh air. It has long been known how important it is to ventilate, in fact at any time of the year, regardless of the weather conditions outside. Unfortunately, sometimes we forget about it, or simply are not at home for a long time, making it impossible to open the windows. The Ventalis system is a solution that means we don’t have to remember to unseal the windows, bringing fresh air into the house. This is a patented system that is mounted on windows and doors. It will ensure that the correct humidity is always maintained in the room. The solution was launched a dozen years ago and has been very popular ever since. It is widely recommended to investors, such as those building their own homes. Why? Because it does not require human participation in its functioning. The system is self-regulating, which means that depending on the pressure level inside the building and outside the building, the membranes open or close and allow more or less air into the house.

Who is the Ventalis system for?

This ventilation system will actually be adequate for many different buildings, both residential and also, for example, office buildings. It will work especially well for property owners who do not want to devote extra energy and attention to regularly opening windows and ventilating the interior of the house. And when this is forgotten for a long time, problems often arise, for example, dampness in walls, ceilings. The emerging moisture, which penetrates the walls, also damages the structure of the building. This is a huge problem, the scale of which may not reveal itself immediately, but over the next few years it certainly will. How does the Ventalis system work? Everything is based on the principle of gravity ventilation. Fresh air in rooms with low humidity, so for example in the living room or living room, comes first. It flows freely into rooms where the humidity is higher. In any home, it is generally the kitchen and bathroom, and therefore those places where hot water is used more often, resulting in the release of steam. By installing a Ventalis system, air can flow freely, and every room in the house has the right, favorable conditions.

Ventalis system in practice

In rooms with high humidity, water vapor does not settle on the walls and ceiling, which leads to dampness and then mildew. In rooms with low humidity, where there is dry air, there are healthier conditions. This is important, for example, for allergy sufferers or people suffering from various types of upper respiratory diseases. For them, sufficiently moist air is salutary. Difficulties associated with functioning indoors with dry air are often exacerbated in autumn and winter, during the heating season. This is when those who have invested in a ventilation system will especially appreciate that they made such a good decision to install it. The Ventalis system in windows and doors is also a huge asset when selling a property. Conscious investors looking for secondary market properties often ask about this during negotiations. This is an important argument for them to decide to choose a particular property and buy it.

Installing a Ventalis ventilation system in a house

The system was very well designed. This simply makes it look visually appealing, in no way reducing the attractiveness of the windows or doors. It can be mounted both on the sides and on top of windows or doors. In addition, the design includes safeguards to prevent insects, rainwater from entering the building. External and internal protective profiles perfectly cope with the masking of the condition, so that use is not combined with any inconvenience. The system is very popular among architects and builders because its installation is not complicated. Financial considerations are also in favor. Given all the pluses of this solution, it is not surprising that so many investors choose to order it. The width of the profiles installed in the system depends on the size of the house, and therefore the area to which fresh air must flow.

What is the benefit of installing a Ventalis system?

The system is a very important piece of equipment for an energy-efficient home. It is also an important step toward making it a good place to function at home on a daily basis. By opting for a solution like the Ventalis system, you can dispense with other ventilation systems, which are often far less visually appealing. It is worth thinking about this solution already at the stage of building a house or upgrading it.