Reliable protection against insects
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Reliable protection against insects

Mosquito, is a cover system, attached to windows, doors or sliding doors, which protects against insects while not obstructing the view. Due to their design, mosquito nets do not block the ability to open or close windows or doors. In the case of sliding mosquito nets, the rail is mounted above or at the bottom of the door for maximum comfort.

In addition, the Mosquito system is compatible with all of Reynaers’ series of windows, doors and sliding doors, as well as with systems offered by other manufacturers, including non-aluminum windows made of wood or PVC, for example.

Insect protection - Mosquito net cover system

Summer is the time when insects (flies, mosquitoes, or bees) are most active. As a result, they very often enter our homes and make our lives miserable. Window nets are designed to effectively protect our home from insect invasion. They are what make it safe for us to open our windows and not have to worry about unpleasant bites in the summer. The Mosquito cover system from Reynaers, available from Profal Kielce, is dedicated to all types of window joinery – aluminum, wood and PVC. The attachment of mosquito nets is designed so as not to block the ability to fully open and close windows or doors. The Mosquito system is also compatible with sliding doors. Especially for them, we offer Mosquito sliding mosquito nets. Sliding mosquito nets are a great way to keep mosquitoes out of your home.

Mosquito net - a way to control mosquitoes (in an office building, in a company, in an office)

Mosquito nets can be used on large balcony or terrace windows not only in single-family homes, but also in office buildings or companies. Reynaers sliding mosquito nets do not affect airflow or block the sunlight coming through – so they are ideal for installation in office buildings with large-scale glazing.

The Mosquito system can be used separately, but can also be integrated with Reynaers roller shutters.