MasterLine 8

Made for champions
Top quality without compromise

A masterful solution

MasterLine 8 is a unique window system that offers countless design possibilities and excellent performance in terms of thermal insulation, air permeability, watertightness, wind load resistance, also characterized by optimized production time. The new generation of innovative window solutions reflects current trends in architecture, according to which the aim is to maximize daylight while maintaining the highest level of thermal insulation.

MasterLine 8 offers three levels of insulation, making it suitable for high-insulation, energy-efficient and even passive buildings. Achieving different levels of insulation is possible through the use of technologically advanced and innovative materials. This unique system solution offers new options for opening sashes of different sizes, such as single or double leaf patio doors with a low threshold in both inward and outward opening door variants. The choice of aesthetic variants makes MasterLine 8 suitable for any architectural style.

Top quality without compromise

Infinite possibilities

This product was developed to mimic the look of wood windows, while the Deco variant captures more modern beveling details.
MasterLine 8 window variant Hidden sash
This product was developed to imitate the appearance of wooden windows, and the Renaissance variant reproduces the shape of milled wooden profiles.
Full personalization

Product options

Hidden hinges
For good looks, details count, hidden hinges are the best finishing touch.
Concealed drainage
No more plastic caps, enjoy a clean design.
Mosquito net
Enjoy cool summer evenings without sleepless nights.
Safety can go hand in hand with beauty.
Finishing options

Unparalleled range of colors and finish types

Choose from a palette of
450 colors
Choose from a palette of
450 colors

Technical details

Thermal insulation

Passive Uf = 1.3 W/m²K


Extreme Class 4 (600Pa) / Class E900 (900Pa) / Class C5 (2000Pa)


High Rw(C;Ctr) = TUTI: 46(0;-3) dB DC: 44(-2;-4) dB

Burglary resistance

High Rc2 - RC3 - PAS 24

Sash height

Min 600 mm
Max 2800 mm

Clear frame width

53 mm