13 installation steps of Vekta windows – independence vs. Help of professionals: what will be more beneficial?

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You are planning to install Vekta windows, but you don’t know how to do it correctly? You would like to take on this task yourself, but you miss it installation instructions for PVC windows Vekta? Familiarize yourself with the 13 steps to be taken to have a guarantee of satisfaction and decide whether it is better to trust a specialist or maybe you will take on this task personally.

Why Veka? — guarantee of installation of top-class windows

Veka Company is a manufacturer of windows intended for installation in both residential and office buildings. It is noteworthy that the window profiles of this manufacturer are licked to the highest class A **. When purchasing Veka windows, customers have a total guarantee of the highest quality.

What are the general rules for installing Veka windows?

Correct installation of Veka windows and balcony doors made of PVC determines their subsequent proper functioning. It is it that determines the thermal and acoustic insulation, and also determines the degree of rainwater penetration. For this reason, if the client lacks experience in this area, although he may have instructions for the installation of PVC windows Veka, however, it is recommended to use the help of professionals.

Recommended specialist is the key to effective assembly

The best solution is to use the help of a company recommended by the window manufacturer. In this way, you have a guarantee that installation of Veka windows will be taken care of by specialists in their field. Moreover, in such cases there is no problem with a potential complaint.

When installing new windows, it is worth getting acquainted with the basic installation criteria and technical condition. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the window frame is permanently attached to the masonry. There must be a gap of about 1 cm between the masonry and the window profile. This is necessary to avoid subsequent deformation of the profiles.

Window frames can be fixed on dowels or anchors. In turn, he himself installation of Veka windows It requires high precision, especially in terms of subsequent warming. In turn, the creation of thermal insulation needs to be covered from the inside and outside of the room with the use of expansion tapes, vapor-permeable and vapor-tight films.

Optimal conditions for the installation of Veka oken

First of all, all assembly works should take place at a temperature not lower than -5°C. Proper installation of Veka windows entails the need to proceed in accordance with the following 13 steps:

  • check the dimensions of window openings before installation and possibly correct them;
  • use mounting wedges and supporting blocks to stabilize the position of the window frame in the desired place;
  • take care of fixing the windows so that they are resistant to all weather phenomena. Here, the mounting clearance, the correct arrangement of the frames, as well as the use of appropriate fasteners, such as wall plugs, are important;
  • depending on the size and type of loads that will affect the windows, it is also necessary to determine the number and location of points where the fastenings will be;
  • when planning arched or oblique structures, it is necessary to use mounting dowels together with flexible elements;
  • the window itself should be mounted mechanically, without the use of glue and foams, and any fasteners should be protected against rusting;
  • when the frame is already fixed in the window opening, you need to make sure that there is no deformation;
  • if everything is correct, install the window sashes in the frame of the frame, at the same time checking their proper functioning;
  • places of jointing of the wall with the window protect against dirt with materials for making seals and insulation;
  • use low-expansion polyurethane foam in the space between the window frame and the wall. To do this, these elements are moistened, due to which better adhesion of the foam is achieved;
  • when the filling foam hardens, the mounting wedges should be removed together with the spacers, and any cavities should be supplemented with mounting foam;
  • protect windows from plastering works;
  • after completing the proper installation of Vekta windows, the protective film should be removed, as well as the windows should be washed and cleaned.

As you can see, installation instructions for PVC windows Vekta It is quite complicated and requires appropriate knowledge and experience in this area. For this reason, it is better to trust professionals and have a guarantee of a properly performed service.

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