Anti-burglary windows – safety in your own home

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Aluminum doors and windows are increasingly becoming an alternative to the so far popular PVC and wooden joinery. Such profiles have excellent technical characteristics and are characterized by tasteful design. It is difficult to deny them high functionality, so important in modern energy-efficient construction. Find out why you should choose products made of aluminum.

Aluminium windows successfully fit into contemporary architectural trends. Where large glazing is used and users want to maintain thermal comfort, rigid structures will work best. Due to its low weight and high plasticity, aluminum is a valued material in the carpentry industry. Investors also appreciate its advantages, including high aesthetics and resistance to weather conditions.

The construction of aluminum doors and windows is very stable. The plastic material can be shaped in many ways, creating holes of various shapes and sizes. Currently, there are also solutions to improve thermal insulation parameters. A window with a thermal barrier can fit into the assumptions of passive construction, because it has a very low heat transfer coefficient. The space between the panes filled with argon and well-insulated profiles significantly increase the tightness in the rooms.

What are the characteristics of aluminum windows?

Aluminium windows are synonymous with modern style, in line with the trends of contemporary architecture. They are characterized by high durability, resistance to scratches, moisture and sunlight. They provide excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation. In addition, they are easy to maintain and their installation is simple. Advanced technological features ensure energy efficiency, making aluminum joinery ideal for passive houses. Aluminum windows also mean greater safety, because it is difficult to pierce them by unwanted “guests”. Durable aluminum profiles allow the construction of impressive glazing with large dimensions, perfectly matching the modern architecture of single-family houses, as well as larger commercial buildings. Excellent strength parameters, corrosion resistance, the possibility of obtaining extensive glazing and unconventional and ultramodern design make aluminum windows often chosen for residential homes. The aluminum system also allows for specialized glazing – energy-saving, soundproof, anti-burglary and more.

Are aluminium windows anti-burglary?

While it’s virtually impossible to stop criminals from doing what they do, it’s incumbent on us to make sure we secure our home as much as possible. Choosing security measures that can delay burglars from entering your home will help distract them and fend off an attack. If they spend too much time breaking into a house, the chances of being caught are greater. This strategy will discourage burglars from choosing your home as a target. Profal Kielce offers hardened, anti-burglary and bulletproof aluminium windows. Tight and stable windows are an excellent basis for protecting the entire house. Safety is paramount.

Advantages of aluminum windows

Strength and durability

Aluminum is an incredibly durable material. A well-made aluminum window and door frame will last for many years, will not crack or fall apart. Aluminum is resistant to the elements and very durable, which means that when installed for decades, the windows will be like new.

Resistant to weather conditions

Unlike other metals, aluminum is resistant to weather conditions and never rusts. So you can enjoy aluminum windows for decades without worrying about rust appearing.

Low long-term cost

Due to the long service life and the lack of maintenance and repairs, aluminum windows are cheaper than wood or PVC alternatives.

High energy efficiency

All aluminium windows and doors provide excellent thermal performance. Their excellent parameters allow you to keep warm in winter and cool in summer, which also contributes to savings on bills. What’s more, they not only insulate the temperature, but also have an excellent sound insulation index.

Easy to maintain

Aluminium windows require very little maintenance. They are available in many different finishes, and most only require one wipe every 2-4 months to remove dirt. Unlike wood, aluminum frames do not need to be painted or stained to maintain their resistance to weather conditions. The frames do not rust, corrode or rot.

Provide a high level of security

Aluminum is strong and durable. It provides a high level of protection as it cannot be easily damaged. Unlike wood, aluminum windows and doors are fireproof and highly resistant to any burglary attempts. All aluminium windows are made using the latest manufacturing technologies to ensure high standards of safety and comfort.

Aluminium can be used for the production of windows and doors, both internal and external. The lightweight construction will also successfully lift entire facades, including corner ones.

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