Anti-burglary windows – safety in your own home

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Anti-burglary windows are one of the basic solutions to be used in a home that is to be safe for you and your loved ones. They effectively protect not only against intruders, but also against the forces of nature (hail, hurricane wind) and noise coming from outside.

Are aluminium windows anti-burglary?

Safety in your own home is an undeniable priority. The house has always been a fortress, an asylum to which only its inhabitants and guests invited by them have access. The uninvited ones are to be deterred by various systems, as well as mechanical security. These include, among others, anti-burglary windows.

Modern architecture has been dominated by large glazing for years, which usually requires the use of profiles made of aluminum. The question is often asked in this connection – Are aluminium windows anti-burglary? Of course, yes – as with any other material, everything is a matter of the chosen level of protection used. By the way, it is worth paying attention to other advantages, that is, What are the characteristics of aluminum windows against the background of other products made of wood or PVC. And in this context, one can mention, among others, the possibility of forming any shapes and creating windows with a span of up to several meters. The advantage is also high aesthetics (very thin profiles painted in any color). Aluminium windows are also characterized by high energy efficiency.

Aluminium joinery, burglary resistant

Choosing aluminum joinery, which is supposed to protect your home from burglary, pay attention to several parameters. The class of windows is often evaluated using RC (Resistance Class) scale, determining resistance to burglary. Before buying, you will probably meet with the following markings:

  • RC1 – these are windows that provide only basic protection in the event of incidents such as accidental or unprepared burglary attempt using simple physical force (punching, kicking with a leg, pushing the shoulder), in a situation where the thief has little time or does not think about the consequences of aggression (caused noise, alarm triggering, call security).
  • RC2 – also protect against burglars unprepared professionally for their practice, taking advantage of the opportunity more than planning a burglary in detail. In this case, the windows should withstand Attempt to damage also with small tools, such as a screwdriver, chisel, knife.
  • RC3 – protection against a professional thief using heavier tools, such as a hammer, crowbar or even a drill, as well as having more time at his disposal (the window should last up to 10 minutes)
  • RC4 – protects against professionals trying to force the protection with high-power tools – up to 15 minutes.

Advantages of aluminium windows plus strong glass

The advantages of aluminum windows with anti-burglary characteristics are largely related to the durability, rigidity and construction of the profiles themselves, preventing or hindering their undermining or chipping off. However, you should also remember to choose sufficiently strong glass. Panes with a reinforced structure are installed in RC3 and RC4 class windows (in the lower ones, ordinary glass is used). They are also categorized, and the determinant in this case is the PN-EN 356 standard. Within its framework, there are several glass resistance classes, from P1A to P8A. The first of them mainly protect against injury in the event of a breakage. Effective protection against burglars are panes from P3A upwards – they are installed in private homes, but also shop windows or glazing of office and public buildings. The last ones in this list, the P8A class, are so strong that they can be used even instead of bars in prisons.

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