Are aluminium windows anti-burglary?

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Aluminum windows are durable, aesthetic, energy-saving. And are they anti-burglary at the same time? Will they protect your home well from uninvited guests? What parameters should you pay attention to when choosing window joinery? Get answers to the most important questions.

Are aluminium windows anti-burglary?

Are aluminium windows anti-burglary? This is a question that is often asked by investors facing the choice of woodwork, bearing in mind not only aesthetic considerations, but also the safety of themselves and their loved ones. The answer is yes. Contemporary solutions allow you to effectively increase the strength of windows, so that they are an effective barrier against thieves. These include:

  • Special fittings, with numerous hooks preventing the window from being broken
  • Glass with increased strength, usually made of tempered glass, sometimes also covered with foil
  • Handles locked with a key, preventing the window from opening from the inside, for example after cutting a small hole in the glass pane

Of course, you should be aware that even the best and most expensive anti-burglary systems do not protect your home completely and absolutely. The weakest link in the case of windows are glass. Nevertheless, the use of glass of the appropriate class allows you to effectively stop the thief until the anti-burglary blinds are lowered, or other prevention mechanisms such as alarm, protection, etc. work.

Anti-burglary aluminium joinery classes

Commonly used in construction, the RC burglary resistance scale (Resistance Class

) distinguishes six strength classes, with aluminum joinery Anti-burglary is usually included in one of the first three, sometimes in the fourth. What characterizes each of these categories?

  • RC1 – provides basic protection in the event of the use of physical force, such as a punch or body pressure. In this case, the protection concerns frames and fittings, but there are no requirements for increased glass resistance
  • RC2 – protects against burglary attempts using simple and small tools, such as a screwdriver. Also in this case, ordinary glass panes are installed
  • RC3 – protects against damage when using tools with a larger scale of destruction, such as a crowbar. Requires reinforced glass
  • RC4 – the window should withstand a forced force test using chisels, crowbars, hammers and even power tools, withstanding pressure for up to 10 minutes.

What are the characteristics of aluminum windows?

What are the characteristics of aluminum windows: against the background of joinery made of other materials, such as PVC or wood? When it comes to safety, durability is crucial. Aluminum, although it is a relatively soft metal, has better parameters than plastic or natural materials. Aluminum profiles resist attempts to damage, bend and chip well. Of course, other Advantages of aluminium windows. One of the basic advantages is the possibility of making very large window structures, up to several meters wide, which still remain rigid, stable, safe and resistant to burglary. It is also worth paying attention to very good parameters regarding the insolation of rooms illuminated by aluminum windows (profiles with a minimum thickness). What may tempt many people is also their high energy efficiency, as well as unlimited personalization, both in the context of shape and size, as well as color.

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