MasterLine 10

No compromises
Top quality without compromise

A solution for the most adverse weather conditions

MasterLine 10 doors are designed for energy-efficient and passive construction, without compromising on design, light access or security. The MasterLine 10 door is available in two versions, as a rebated or non-rebated door. Doors with rebate available can also be used as balcony doors. Doors without rebates were developed as a proposal for public buildings, where solutions are needed that meet the requirements of very intensive use.

Both variants have excellent technical performance in terms of waterproofing, air tightness and thermal insulation. The design features patented solutions such as an improved thermal break and an innovative drainage system.

Top quality without compromise

Infinite possibilities

This variant opens in the same way as windows and is most often found in combination with a glass balustrade.
Full personalization

Product options

Concealed drainage
No more plastic caps, enjoy a clean design.
Better water drainage, without additional obstacles.
Low threshold
Easy access, neat appearance.
Access control
Smart and interactive home.
Finishing options

Unparalleled range of colors and finish types

Choose from a palette of
450 colors
Choose from a palette of
450 colors

Technical details

Thermal insulation

Passive Uf = 0.89 W/m²K


Extreme Class 4 (600Pa) / Class 9A (600Pa) / Class C3 (1200Pa)



Sash height

Max 3000 mm

Width of the ventilation opening in the frame

Min 162 mm