Pivot door

Unique doors in your home
Top quality without compromise

Unique doors in your home

The MasterLine 8 Pivot Door is a unique solution for your home. It allows you to create huge structures with glass or panel filling. The Pivot XL configuration is available within the system, with structures up to 4 meters high. Pivot doors can be an interesting alternative to sliding patio doors or folding folding doors.

The structures are characterized by high thermal insulation and tightness. An anti-burglary variant is also available. Pivot MasterLine 8 doors are an ideal solution that can be used in an amazing way in both modern and renovated buildings.

MasterLine 8 Pivot Doors are also compatible with home automation, so they can be opened and closed using a code or finger scan.

Top quality without compromise
Full personalization

Product options

Low threshold
The absence of a degree, whichin combination with a neatlook will give an amazingvisual effect.
Concealed drainage
With this personalization, you will forget about additional drainage caps and you will be able to enjoy a hassle-free solution.
Silent closing
This personalization will allow you to close the door quietly and comfortably, activating 15° before full opening and closing
Thanks to this solution, you will be able to enjoy better water drainage without additional obstacles.
Smart and interactive personalization, allowing you to monitor and open the lock remotely from anywhere.
Perfect personalization, facilitating entry and exit without restrictions, available with floor finish.
Finishing options

Unparalleled range of colors and finish types

Choose from a palette of
450 colors
Choose from a palette of
450 colors

Technical details