Terrace windows – aluminum or PVC – which ones to choose?

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Large glazing provides adequate natural lighting of the house and provides impressive views, thus improving the mood and well-being of the household members. Large windows and patio doors optically enlarge the internal room, so at the design stage of a new house it is worth taking care of special technological solutions enabling the installation of window joinery with large glazing. The solution for optimal use of space around patio doors and windows are sliding doors. They open in a space-saving way in the living room or on the terrace. Thanks to special technological solutions, the opening does not require much force. More natural light harmoniously combines interior and exterior space. Good terrace windows are energy-efficient, so you do not have to worry about high electricity bills with large glazing. This solution is even more effective in combination with roller blinds, which protect the house from heat in summer and an additional barrier against heat loss from the room in winter.

Both aluminum and PVC windows are considered modern, durable and affordable window solutions for the home. The properties of these materials make them a popular option for residential use. However, there are still dilemmas about which option is better and why. This guide will help you learn about the properties of both materials and make an informed decision that is right for your home.

Aluminium or PVC

The first decision we face when buying windows is the type of window joinery, i.e. the material from which the windows will be made. This is a decision for many years and no one wants to take it lightly. PVC or aluminum, which solution is better? How to choose a material so that the windows fulfill both aesthetic and functional functions? Is there an ideal solution?

PVC windows are a solution that has been very popular for many years. Their success is of course due to the many advantages that characterize this type of window joinery. They attract customers with their availability, functionality and attractive prices. PVC windows are definitely cheaper than aluminum windows. PVC joinery is an energy-saving solution. The use of specially selected glazing units and multi-chamber profiles allows to obtain high thermal insulation parameters. With proper installation, heat loss can be significantly reduced, which translates into lower heating bills. PVC windows are also easy to maintain using mild detergents and a soft cloth. There is a wide range of colors to choose from, which gives almost unlimited arrangement possibilities and allows you to easily match the shade of woodwork to your own needs.

Advantages of plastic windows

  • good durability and functionality
  • high resistance to weather conditions
  • Maintainability
  • wide range of solutions
  • wide range of colors

Aluminum windows look great in modern buildings. They are an excellent alternative for people who care about large glazing and comfort of use. Aluminum shutters are very durable and at the same time resistant to weather conditions and light. Custom-ordered aluminium windows can be individually adapted to the character of the building. Very often in the case of aluminum windows it is possible to bend profiles, which allows you to make window structures in various shapes. The dimensions of aluminum windows can be larger than those of plastic windows, because durable aluminum is able to carry heavy loads without damaging the frame. Aluminum windows are also much lighter than plastic windows, thanks to which in the case of large glazing they provide better functionality – they open and move more easily. You can be convinced that aluminum windows do not have as good thermal insulation as PVC windows, but nowadays they are made of high quality insulation materials, so they are not inferior to plastic joinery. Important advantages of aluminum joinery are also resistance to weather conditions: wind, rain and snowfall, moisture or UV rays.

Aluminum windows – the advantages of aluminum

  • high durability and strength
  • resistance to weather conditions
  • susceptibility (possibility of obtaining different shapes)
  • Striking appearance
  • Lightweight design
  • energy efficiency
  • wide range of colors
  • long-term (aluminum windows remain in great condition for 40 years and more)
  • 100% recyclable
  • excellent sound and thermal insulation
  • available in a huge range of colours
  • are not destroyed by fire

Which solution to choose?

When making the final choice, we should focus on our preferences and requirements. If we want a solid solution that will satisfy us, but will not strain our budget unnecessarily, PVC windows are a better choice. However, if we dream of large and unusual glazing, and the budget is not in the first place, it is worth choosing aluminum. Customers often decide to mix both solutions. They choose PVC for smaller windows and aluminum only for large patio doors.

Profal Kielce provides both aluminum and PVC solutions. Both solutions are great, and it all depends on your expectations, budget and house design. Before making a final decision, it’s a good idea to contact a team of professionals who can help you make a decision based on each client’s specific needs. Choose Profal Kielce window joinery.

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