Aluminium joinery in modern architecture

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Large, impressive glazing is one of the basic elements of modern architecture. Huge windows, showcases, and even panes covering entire facades – all this requires a strong, durable and stable frame, which can only be given by aluminum joinery.

Aluminium joinery to fit every vision

Bold stylistic solutions, dominating modern architecture, require unique materials. One of them is aluminum, from which window frames of above-standard dimensions and unusual shapes are made. The advantage of this metal is the ease of forming, as well as stability, resistance to weather conditions, energy efficiency, the possibility of painting in any color chosen by the architect or investor. Aluminium joinery It can therefore be used in even the most sophisticated projects with impressive glazing. That is why designers of modern residential and commercial buildings are so eager to reach for this solution.

Aluminium windows in your home

In modern residential construction, both single-family and multi-family, more and more glazing is used. They are present primarily in simple typically modernist blocks, where glass panes occupy a significant part of the façade, providing a modern look and great sunlight of the space inside. It’s minimalism at its best. Stately Aluminium windows It is also installed, among others, in “modern barn” houses, which in recent years have become extremely fashionable in Poland. Aluminum joinery often fills the entire surface of the gable walls, both on the ground floor and on the upper floor, diagonally reaching almost to the roof. Such windows are a beautiful setting and give the interior a unique character, full of light and lightness.

Aluminium windows in skyscrapers

Already at the beginning of the twentieth century, the world of architecture was permeated with the vision of “glass houses”, but it was only after World War II that the development of technology allowed the use of glass in construction practically without any restrictions. The breakthrough was the popularization in the fifties of the so-called curtain walls, i.e. huge panes enclosed in steel or aluminum frames. In the following decades, this type of construction became a kind of standard, especially in commercial construction. Impressive appearance, durability, ease and speed of assembly – all this made it possible curtain walls began to adorn facades all over the world, from New York to Tokyo.

Aluminium joinery in the office and shop

Aluminum windows It is commonly used today in countless office buildings, both the most impressive, with a dozen or several dozen floors, as well as those designed on a smaller scale. Huge and impressive glazing enclosed in thin steel profiles are one of the symbols and determinants of the prestige of companies operating in these spaces. Aluminium windows are also a popular solution in other types of buildings. They are mounted, among others, on facades of shopping malls and on the fronts of smaller shops, as shop windows. They are also used in the construction of various types public facilities – museums, offices and even stadiums. By using aluminum, the creators of modern architecture become free from the limitations that other materials, such as PVC or wood, bring. Thanks to this, it is possible to design whose boundaries are set only by one’s own imagination – in any style, form and scale.

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