Aluminium windows in architecture

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Modern architectural thought implements the latest technological solutions in its projects. When creating projects, architects take into account both the appearance, durability and thermal insulation properties of the windows they choose. Aluminum windows, thanks to their excellent parameters, are eagerly used both in the projects of modern commercial buildings and single-family residential houses.

What are the advantages of aluminum windows?

Aluminium windows have many advantages, thanks to which they are willingly chosen in the projects of commercial premises, office buildings and houses. Their main advantages are:

  • Lightness and durability – Aluminium is an extremely light material, but at the same time durable. Its unique properties allow you to form any shape from it, which significantly increases the field for designers. Regardless of what shape we dream of, we can have it thanks to aluminum.
  • Rich colors – The possibility of painting the aluminum surface using the powder method also allows you to choose any color range for individual elements of the entire building.
  • Economy- Aluminium is also a very economical solution. The material showing high thermal insulation properties is an excellent protection against uncontrolled heat loss from the room.

Aluminium windows chosen by architects

Taking into account the previously indicated properties of the material, which is aluminum, it is not surprising that architects They are more and more willing to use this material. Aluminum windows and doors are eagerly used in the design of both new and old buildings. Aluminium windows They can be equipped with narrow or more impressive profiles. Depending on what effect designers want to achieve, they can choose from a variety of custom shapes, sizes, and colors. Modern, lightweight aluminum profiles allow you to increase the glazed area of the entire window. In combination with interesting colors, they create an original accent on the façade.

Aluminium windows in commercial buildings

In large-area architecture, such as office buildings, shopping centers or public buildings, curtain walls are very popular, whose task is to illuminate a large-area room and, of course, give it an interesting stylistic feature.

Aluminium and economy

Of course, the thermal insulation properties of the material do not leave anyone indifferent here – thanks to them we keep our home warm even on the coldest days. Economy is always in fashion, so if you do not want to overpay for heating during the heating season – choose Modern aluminium windows.

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