Aluminium windows – why choose them?

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Until recently, aluminum windows were installed mainly in office buildings and shopping centers. Currently, thanks to their numerous advantages, they are also increasingly chosen for apartments and houses. In this article we will tell you about energy efficiency and arrangement possibilities of aluminum windows.

Aluminium – beautiful windows in unusual shapes

The type of window joinery we choose strongly affects the appearance of our home. Aluminium used to create modern window frames It gives a lot of arrangement possibilities. Thanks to the high susceptibility to shaping, You can create aluminum windows in many custom shapes, such as trapezoidal and other unusual forms. Aluminium windows So it can be used in difficult and non-standard house projects. Plasticity of the material, which is aluminum, also allows for variable sizes of profiles used in windows, which has a significant impact on the aesthetics of the façade of the building. Narrow frames optically enlarge the window, give access to more light and create the impression of more space.

Aluminium windows – durable and lightweight

One of the advantages of aluminum, which should be replaced right at the beginning, is its extraordinary lightness and durability. Window frames made of this material are definitely less susceptible to all kinds of damage than their wooden prototype or PVC cousin. Aluminium windows are resistant to changing temperatures and adequately protected against corrosion.

Aluminium windows in non-standard colours

Aluminium can be powder coated in all colours available in the RAL palette. By opting for aluminium window frames, so you can choose from over 450 colors. No other window joinery gives such Colour possibilities– Thanks to this, aluminum windows are particularly valued by architects and interior decorators. Their color can be perfectly matched to the style of the façade or home décor.

Durable windows for years

Extraordinary lightness combined with durability, susceptibility to forming any shape while resisting all kinds of damage. All these properties give you a guarantee that by choosing aluminum windows, you choose durable windows that will serve your family for many years.

Energy efficiency, i.e. durability

Window carpentry is not only about creating simple forms, it is also composing innovative solutions and, above all, staying at a high level in terms of energy efficiency. Good insulation and durable material is the key to success, which is the lack of heat loss in the house. The use of several layers of glazing is excellent thermal insulation.

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