Eco-friendly windows – all about aluminium windows

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Choosing window joinery This is one of the most important choices during the construction or renovation of your dream home. This is a decision for years that is not worth taking lightly. Nowadays, the trend for eco-friendly home finishing materials is becoming more and more popular – customers are increasingly looking for environmentally friendly windows. The production of windows, regardless of the material used, always has an adverse impact on the environment. Both for creating windows made of wood, aluminum and PVC Technological processes emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere are used. So, if the production of each type of window has the same impact on the environment, which windows to choose to be in harmony with nature? What are the true characteristics of Eco-friendly windows?

In this article:

  • we will answer the question of what ecological windows are,
  • We will explain why wooden windows are not always ecological
  • we will cite all the benefits of having aluminum and PVC windows

Ecological windows – what kind of windows?

The most ecological windows are those that have excellent thermal insulation parameters. The higher the thermal insulation parameters of the windows in our house, the less raw materials we use for its heating. Then we save not only money, but also We reduce the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Are wooden windows not ecological?

Although wooden windows are considered more ecological, they are not necessarily so. Wood is a natural biodegradable raw material, but in order for a wooden window to be tight and durable, it must be properly impregnated and painted with chemicals. Let’s also remember that for the production of wooden windows It is necessary to cut down environmentally important trees. Thus, the complete abandonment of PVC or aluminium in favour of wooden windows would result in the felling of trees on a huge scale and huge environmental degradation.

PVC and aluminum – recycled windows

Both PVC and aluminum are materials that can be recycled. They meet all EU standards and, contrary to popular rumors, they are completely safe for health and non-toxic. What’s more, they are characterized by excellent thermal insulation parameters.

Aluminium windows – ecology

Aluminum window joinery has many advantages — also from the point of view of ecology. Aluminum windows are ecological, because they perfectly insulate against cold, reducing the amount of raw materials used to heat our home. Have very high thermal insulation parameters also in large-size glazing. Therefore, if you have large windows in your home, you do not have to worry about increasing heating bills. Therefore, if the design of your house includes large-size glazing – the most ecological and economical option will be aluminum windows.

Aluminium is also resistant to harmful weather conditions and corrosion formation. It does not stain under the influence of sunlight – therefore does not require the use of chemical paints and preservatives.

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