ConceptPatio 68

Elegance, comfort and safety
Top quality without compromise

Elegance, comfort and safety

Concept Patio® 68 is a highly-insulated sliding system that combines elegance with performance and security. This unique sliding system is characterized by its slim profiles, allowing the integration of large windows and doors for maximum views, in combination with burglary resistance class RC2. The integrated innovative technologies guarantee ultimate performances with regard to wind and water tightness and thermal insulation, meeting with the highest standards. The CP 68 sliding system offers you all design freedom to create contemporary living spaces, combining ultimate brightness with maximum comfort and security.

Top quality without compromise

Infinite possibilities

Full personalization

Product options

Concealed drainage
No more plastic caps, enjoy a clean design.
Safety can go hand in hand with beauty.
In all RAL colors and many finishes – for unlimited freedom of choice.
Natural appearance with subtle shades, best surface protection.
Finishing options

Unparalleled range of colors and finish types

Choose from a palette of
450 colors
Choose from a palette of
450 colors

Technical details

Thermal insulation

High Uf = 2.5 W/m²K


Medium Class 4 (600Pa) / Class 7B (300Pa) / Class C4 (1600Pa)



Burglary resistance

High RC2 - WK2

Element height

Min 1380 mm
Max 2800 mm

Max. mass

Sliding sash = 200 kg
Fixed = 200 kg