ConceptSystem 77

Optimum safety and comfort
Top quality without compromise

Optimum safety and comfort

Concept System® CS 77 includes panel door systems of the highest quality that meet even the most stringent standards for thermal insulation, stability and security. When it comes to ensuring security, various door models have been specially designed and tested to test their burglar and bullet-proof properties and effectiveness in panic situations to meet even the most stringent European standards.

The standard series of panel doors is available in all possible inward and outward opening variants, equipped with various types of locks to meet individual customer needs.
In addition, CS 77 panel doors offer different types of thresholds to meet all aesthetic and functional requirements. In order to ensure the tightness of the door, special gaskets are used to protect against possible bending of the structural element under the influence of temperature differences inside and outside the building.

Top quality without compromise

Infinite possibilities

Full personalization

Product options

Hidden hinges
For good looks, details count, hidden hinges are the best finishing touch.
Concealed drainage
No more plastic caps, enjoy a clean design.
Better water drainage, without additional obstacles.
Low threshold
Easy access, neat appearance.
Finishing options

Unparalleled range of colors and finish types

Choose from a palette of
450 colors
Choose from a palette of
450 colors

Technical details

Thermal insulation

High Uf = 1.8 W/m²K


High Class 4 (600Pa) / Class 7A (300Pa) / Class C2 (800Pa)



Sash height

Max 3000 mm

Width of the ventilation opening in the frame

Min 150 mm