Vademecum of office building construction – stages and cost

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Are you planning a real estate investment? Looking for information on construction of an office building And wondering about the cost? Do you want to know what to consider at the very beginning so that you won’t be disappointed later with financial bankruptcy? Read the article and you will learn how to successfully build an office building without unnecessary financial losses!

Building step by step, or how to build an office building?

Construction of an office building has its own rights and runs differently than single-family houses, warehouses or commercial halls. Other documents are required, and it may be necessary to use different materials and techniques than those commonly used. About it How the construction of an office building is going, find out in this article.

What to consider when building office facilities?

The office building is a distinctive building, associated with the so-called “office building”. walls of windows. Its construction generates the need to use different methods than those used to work on both industrial and residential buildings. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the legal requirements of the real estate market.

First of all, here the basis is to meet certain conditions regarding the layout of lighting and escape routes. What’s more, the correct layout of the space in this case is particularly important, since an office building is a typically utilitarian place, which means it should provide comfort to its users.

Attention should be paid to the aesthetics of the interiors. Contrary to appearances, it is the arrangement of rooms that can concretely affect the fate and course of future conferences and business meetings. However, it is worth bearing in mind that an office building is not just the building itself with a
open spacem,
But also the space around it.

What activities does the construction schedule for the office building provide for?

Such complex buildings as office buildings cannot be an easy undertaking. Their construction is not only the work itself built

, but above all the tedious preparation and completion of documentation, including the relevant permits.

In the first stage, a building permit is obtained including architectural and technical designs and a plot plan. The next step is to proceed with earthworks, as well as foundation work.

Office buildings can stand thanks to masonry technology, steel or reinforced concrete construction, or on the basis of a wooden prefabricated frame. The next step is to lay internal and external utilities, and just before the end the space around the building is designed. The construction of the office building ends when a permit is obtained to allow its use.

How much does it cost to build an office building?

Cost of building an office building is determined from the very beginning, during the selection of a suitable location and the purchase of a specific plot of land on which the building will be built in the future. The price of a hectare of land here will depend on the city – different prices will be in the capital, others in Kielce, and still others in Lodz. Moreover, the location of the plot itself is also very important. Places closer to the city center are more expensive than those on the outskirts.

Pondering the question, How much does it cost to build an office building, It is worth estimating the cost of constructing a single square meter of building. One factor to consider is the design standard itself. Great emphasis is placed on modern interior finishing, the use of energy self-sufficient solutions, information technology, as well as pro-ecology. This way there is a better chance of attracting tenants.

Another aspect to consider is the current inflation trends. Unfortunately, this is a rather unpredictable factor. For this reason, it is so often said that cost of building an office building can only be approximated at the end of the project, when it will be put into operation. A good solution is to use an office building project with a cost estimate, which is created by professionals.

There is no doubt that construction of an office building is an undertaking, spanning several years on a massive scale. It is on the cooperation of the architect, investor and officials that the final success of the investment depends. It is necessary to efficiently complete the necessary documents and develop a construction plan. Although the costs are huge at first, a well-prepared investor is sure to see profits after time.

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