What are door panels?

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Ideal doors have not only a solid and durable construction, but also decorative elements that give them an individual character. The structural elements in the door are primarily the frame that permanently connects it to the wall and the leaf frame that allows opening and closing the door. The element we will look at is the door fillings, which are located in the leaf frame. They determine the final visual effect.

Door fillings – what is it?

Door fillings are an internal element of the leaf frame, which can be personalized depending on your preferences. Modern door panels are an alternative to traditional glazing and can be used in both internal and external doors. There are several types of door panels – double-sided overlay, batch and one-sided overlay. What is the difference between these door fillings ? Overlay fillings on both sides fill the leaf frame from the outside and inside, which ensures consistency in the appearance of the door. In turn, one-sided overlay fillings on the outside have a homogeneous plate, and from the inside there is a leaf frame that surrounds the personalized door filling. This allows you to choose the door finish for each room. Batch door fillings are characterized by the fact that they are inserted into the door frame similarly to traditional glass. This means that the sash frame is visible around the filling . The advantage of this type of door panels is easy replacement.

Aluminium door fillings

Door fillings can be made of various materials, but it is worth considering those made of aluminum. Aluminum is a material that is characterized by high strength and corrosion resistance compared to other materials such as plastic or steel. Aluminum door fillings are extremely durable, so they do not deteriorate even with intensive daily use. It might seem that such high durability and strength will affect the weight of the door, but the aluminum fillings are very light, which ensures easy and smooth operation of the door. An additional advantage of aluminum door panels is the low heat transfer coefficient. This means that the aluminum door filling will retain heat inside and will not let air from the outside through, providing excellent insulation. High-quality aluminum door panels are able to increase the energy efficiency of your door and, consequently, the entire building. Aluminium door panels are therefore an excellent choice if you care about durable and functional doors.

How to choose a good door filling?

When choosing a door filling , you should be guided by aesthetic, practical and price considerations. It is best to invest in doors that will withstand years of use and will not get bored after a short time. So let’s spend a little more on door fillings that meet your aesthetic requirements and have better thermal insulation parameters. Properly selected door panels will effectively suppress noise from outside and reduce heat loss.

Choosing the right door filling should take into account not only aesthetic values, but also practical, such as strength or the degree of heat transfer. The perfect door filling will provide elegance and style, thermal insulation and durability for years. All these features have aluminum door panels available in the PROFAL Kielce offer.

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