When is the right time to replace windows?

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Summer outside the windows, so renovation and construction work is at its best. This is an excellent time to devote some time to window joinery in your home. Sometimes it is enough to adjust the fittings and the windows will be like new. However, if this does not improve their tightness, their replacement should be considered.

Removing old and embedding new windows in a medium-sized house usually takes 2 – 3 days. Sometimes, however, this operation can be prolonged. It all depends on the efficiency of the assembly team and its size. The best teams are able to complete the assembly even in one day!

When to replace windows?

Replacing windows is best planned for warm days. Although it is also possible to replace windows in winter and an efficient team will cope with it perfectly, these works should not be carried out when the ambient temperature drops below -5 degrees Celsius. In such conditions, the sealing foam hardens and does not meet its properties. In addition, replacing windows, as we have already mentioned, takes 2-3 days. And staying at this time in a chilled home will certainly not be pleasant and may end up being sick.

Ordering windows

When planning to replace window joinery in your home, you need to take into account the period necessary to produce windows. This usually takes several weeks. However, you need to be prepared for possible delays. Unfortunately, the current situation in the world and the resulting logistic problems at subcontractors significantly affect the process of order fulfillment. Therefore, if you will be ordering windows in the near future, take into account all these aspects.

How does ordering windows look like?

  • At a meeting with a salesperson, you will learn the initial valuation. In order to be estimated, you must provide the seller with the dimensions of the windows.
  • The next point of the whole procedure is to arrange accurate measurements.
  • After making them, the initial calculation is clarified and the scope of work is determined. Here you can also adjust additional equipment, e.g. blinds or mosquito nets. Then you also pay an advance and wait for the production of your order.
  • After the assembly is completed and you collect the work, you pay the remaining part of the invoice.

Replacing windows – what to remember?

When trying to replace windows, there are a few things you should think about. First of all, their size and functionality. It is worth considering whether, for example, two narrow sashes should be combined into one wider one or change the type of window opening. This is especially true for terrace windows. You can bet on sliding or folding solutions. The most important decision to make concerns the material from which the fittings will be made. You will have PVC to choose from, which will be the cheapest solution. You can also choose wooden windows or opt for aluminum solutions. This will be the most expensive option, but also the least unreliable. Aluminium windows are an investment for many years. Their lifespan is 40 years, and often reaches up to 60 years.

As you can see when replacing windows, there are several decisions to make. So let’s look at them beforehand. All this so that the new glazing significantly improves the functionality of the rooms, better illuminate them and finally increase the comfort in your home.

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