When to choose folding doors?

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Folding doors are often associated with a replacement solution when we have a limited budget or lack of funds to buy a sliding system. This is wrong thinking, because folding doors can be just as solid and resistant to damage as sliding doors. And this is not the end of their advantages.

A solution to lack of space

Probably the biggest advantage of folding doors are the huge interior design possibilities, even when there is a deficit of space. This type of door takes up little space and does not take up additional space. Their opening and closing takes place inside the door frame, thanks to which they dominate not only traditional swing systems, but also sliding systems that need additional space on the wall.

Where to install folding doors?

Installation of this type of door is perfect for children’s rooms. This solution virtually eliminates the risk of pinching fingers when closing them. Another place is the home office, which is used for work. And it doesn’t stop there. Doors of this type are also great as a transition between the bedroom and the wardrobe. Many women plan their own wardrobe. Often, however, due to the lack of space, these plans remain in the sphere of dreams. Installation of folding doors allows you to separate a separate space for a small wardrobe, even when the size of the bedroom is not impressive.

Attractive exit to the terrace

Folding systems also allow you to create large-sized structures. Thanks to this, they can create an effective transition between the living room and the terrace. Therefore, they are successfully suitable not only for use in residential construction, but also in restaurants and other service facilities. Folding systems not only offer great freedom to its users, but also perfectly protect against cold, wind and other weather conditions. And on warm and sunny days, they allow you to enjoy the sun and pleasant temperatures.

PROFAL KIELCE’s offer includes high-quality aluminium folding systems that offer great arrangement possibilities. Thanks to them, you can combine different rooms inside the building or create an effective exit to the terrace. Their operation is extremely simple and the durability is above average.

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