Why do windows evaporate?

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Condensed water vapor visible on the windows is – especially in early autumn and spring – a fairly common problem that occurs in our homes. Is this a reason to worry? Most often not. However, it is worth checking it better and checking the possible causes of water condensation on the windows.

Causes of glass evaporation

Very often, the blame for this type of situation is blamed on the windows themselves – that they are of poor quality or have been improperly installed. Is this right?

It is true that finding the cause of window fog is much more difficult than it might seem. It is true that very rarely the window itself or its inappropriate installation is responsible for the condensation of water vapor on the glass. Window pairing has many causes, of which there are many, and they can occur simultaneously. These are primarily:

  • Increased humidity in the room where the windows evaporate
  • Lack of proper air circulation in the room
  • Large temperature difference between the outer and inner part of the window
  • Close proximity to water bodies

Of course, a defect in the window itself or its inadequate installation cannot be ruled out. However, this cause should be taken into account only after checking the above-mentioned reasons.

How to eliminate window fogging?

Fortunately, the causes of window fogging are not as serious as it might seem. They are also easy to remedy. Sticking to a few simple rules will minimize the risk of this phenomenon. So what is worth doing?

  • Try to keep the temperature inside the room in the range of 18-21 degrees Celsius
  • Take care of proper air circulation in the room
  • If there are rooms in your home that have a large temperature difference between them, remember to close the door that separates them
  • If you cook frequently, use a hood that will extract significant amounts of water vapor generated during the preparation of dishes
  • If you are just building a house, plan to place radiators directly under the windows now.

Ventilators for windows

One of the ways to eliminate the process of glass evaporation are window ventilators. These are devices mounted in windows, which are responsible for supplying the rooms with air from the outside in a controlled and continuous manner. They have an important role to play in the process of proper air circulation in the building. Even when the windows in your home are tightly closed, the ventilators will allow you to supply fresh air to it.

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