Window protection for autumn and winter

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The autumn and winter period is coming, and with it there will be cool mornings, gusty wind and considerable temperature differences. Such conditions negatively affect the condition of the windows. If, despite their closure, in the morning you wake up cold breeze, and after the rain inside the house you find traces of moisture – it’s time to act.

Unfortunately, we forget about the seasonal check of window joinery . And it is its technical condition that largely protects us from adverse weather conditions. With the onset of autumn, it is worth thinking about the coming winter. And all this in order not to count losses caused by faulty or damaged windows in spring.

Start by washing the windows

Start the autumn window service with their careful washing. This will not only increase the amount of light in the room, but will also make it easier to notice any cracks, scratches and imperfections that have so far been hidden under the layer of impurities. Remember that improper washing of aluminum or PVC profiles can lead to defects on their coating, and even damage or discoloration of the structure. Therefore, the ways to make shiny windows of our grandmothers, will not always be good. We should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, and certainly do not use highly acidic preparations or solvent-based liquids for cleaning. They will almost certainly damage the coating of the aluminum profile.

Adjust fittings

After thorough cleaning, you should inspect the windows and verify their technical condition. Clear signs of wear, damaged mechanisms and loose elements are better to be adjusted or replaced by a professional. We should also treat fittings with great attention. They are one of the most important elements of windows and affect their functionality, determine the tightness and thermal comfort. Heavily worn elements should be replaced, and the rest should be adjusted. Once a year, it is also worth lubricating the mechanisms with technical petroleum jelly or silicone grease. This will protect the mechanisms from rapid wear and premature corrosion.

Take care of sealing windows

The technical work is complemented by checking the tightness of windows. Rubber seals are responsible for it. To perform their function properly, they must maintain adequate flexibility, and after deformation they should quickly return to their original shape. Those that are cracked, crumbled or crushed should be replaced. If nothing happens to them, you only need to lubricate them with technical petroleum jelly.

Remember that before the weather breaks, it is worth checking the condition of the windows to protect your home from troublesome breezes and costly heat loss. Even if we devote a free Saturday to work, remember that for a few winter months we gain the comfort of living without drafts and save the energy necessary to heat the house.

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