Ventilation in aluminium windows

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Ventilation in aluminum windows ensures air circulation in the house, allowing you to maintain the correct air humidity and a favorable microclimate, preventing the accumulation of water vapor and the formation of fungus.

Should aluminium windows have diffusers?

A house cannot be a cage where fresh air does not reach. According to the applicable legal standards, ventilation of enclosed spaces must be provided in every building, both existing and newly built. Contemporary Aluminum windows, but also made of PVC or wood, are very tight. Therefore, they should be equipped with so-called diffusers, i.e. spontaneous systems enabling air exchange. This requirement applies to all objects that are thermo-insulated and have so-called gravity or exhaust ventilation (air escapes through vertical channels through the chimney in the roof, independently or sucked in by a fan). However, it is not required, and even contraindicated, to install diffusers in houses equipped with mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation with heat recovery (recuperation). In such a situation, you should strive to maintain maximum tightness of windows.

What properties do aluminum windows with ventilation have?

Diffusers It is mounted in windows of any type. In wooden and plastic ones, this can be done at any time, also when the windows are already embedded – this requires drilling special holes in them, through which air will penetrate from the outside through the so-called inlet to the internal regulators. In the case of aluminum profiles, the situation is slightly different – appropriate openings should be prepared already at the stage of window production (later it is possible, but difficult to perform in practice). Can also be used specifically ventilation profiles, which show very high efficiency, and at the same time make the aeration mechanism practically invisible and does not adversely affect the aesthetics of windows. It should also be mentioned that Aluminum shutters, often complementing the woodwork, although they cut off the light supply, do not disturb the ventilation of the interior.

What properties do aluminum windows with ventilation have? Does the air flow through the diffusers lead to excessive cooling of the rooms? No. The systems used allow to maintain sufficient circulation and proper humidity without significant heat loss. This solution is far more effective than unsealing windows (it does not provide a large air flow, but causes a lot of cooling), or frequent airing of interiors in the autumn and winter season.

Are aluminium windows ecological?

Customers often ask, Are aluminium windows ecological? Yes. First of all They provide excellent energy efficiency parameters. In winter, they effectively prevent heat loss and reduce the energy consumption necessary to heat the house. In summer, they allow you to maintain a human-friendly temperature in the interiors, thanks to which there is less need to use air conditioning or various types of fans. Secondly, due to its low density, high strength and ease of forming, aluminum allows you to produce profiles of small thickness. Thanks to this, less material is used to produce the window than in the case of PVC or wood. Thirdly, technological innovations are constantly being introduced that allow to minimize the impact of aluminum on the environment – modern standards for products used in construction are so high that windows made of this material are completely safe for household members. Fourthly and finally aluminium It is a highly recyclable raw material, so if windows are ever dismantled, the metal from which they are made can be reused.

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